Playlist: Blonde on Blonde Covered, plus: Call for Suggestions

Hey, it's only been half a year, and I've already discovered that Spotify is now available in this country. It looks like just the thing that everybody's been looking for - free (if you're able to tolerate advertising) or cheap (if you're not), legal, and with a way of paying artists. To celebrate the discovery - no, I'm not going to do what this crazy person did and try to collect cover versions of every song the Beach Boys ever recorded. But what I do have is every song on Bob Dylan's classic Blonde on Blonde album covered. Use this link, for which you have to register with Spotify (should be free if available in your country) or the embedded player below, for which you may or may not have to. The playlist's certainly interesting if you know the album, just don't expect it to be better than the original.

For the near future, I am planning Best of the Eighties and Nineties playlists. Naturally, I am concerned that I will forget to include important stuff. So, if anyone has suggestions for someone with a decent knowledge of the two decades' pop music (broadly conceived), including its indie arm, please leave a comment. Besides my own collections, I have already consulted the NME's and Rolling Stones' opinions on the matters, as well as a few other lists I found around the web. Obviously, inclusion of your suggestions cannot be guaranteed, and the competition is pretty fierce. Thank you!

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