The Best Blog Posts of 2012

Hmmmm . . . I had had the feeling that it had not been a particularly strong year for blog posts - so only ten this time, to keep up this series' ridiculously high standards.

As last time, brackets are appended to each link to indicate whether the post is Long, Medium lenght or Short; High-Brow, Mid-Brow or Low-Brow, and Funny or Not.

For the rest of this series, use the tag.

10. Scatterplot: "Eight Observations on 'Biology' and Social Science", by Jeremy Freese (L; HB; N)

9. iSteve: "Feminists: Still Making Children Cry on Christmas Morning", by Steve Sailer (L; MB; F)

8. Seth's Blog: "Two Dimensions of Economic Growth: GDP and Useful Knowledge", by Seth Roberts (M; HB; N)

7. EconLog: "My Beautiful Bubble", by Bryan Caplan (M; MB; N)

6. Meteuphoric: "Value Realism", by Katja Grace (L; HB; N)

5. Overcoming Bias: "Unspeakable Arrogance", by Robin Hanson (M; HB; F)

4. Cheap Talk: "Dogmatic Doesn’t Have To Mean Closed-Minded", either by Jeff Ely or by Sandeep Baliga, I don't know which (M; MB; N)

3. The Atlantic Business: "What Is Causality?", by Jim Manzi (L; HB; N)

2. Old School Panini: "The Lumberjack’s Top Ten", by Alex Bourof (M; LB; F)

1. Jaltcoh: "Why do people say, 'Life is too short?'", by John Althouse Cohen (S; MB; F)

Hats off to everyone on the list, and may everybody have a great year! "Everybody" includes people not on the list.

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