Around the Blogs, Vol. 96

1. Neurobonkers summarizes the results of a new review on the efficacy of learning techniques (via). Contains link to the full, open-source paper, but that's one long article, that is.

2. If the excerpt presented by Michael Blowhard Esq. is anything to go by, Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowolf into modern English is tasty.

3. How much benefit has the Human Genome Project brought so far? Says Roberts says meh.

4. ". . . the average free-market economist doesn't take the unemployment problem seriously", says free-market economist Bryan Caplan. And he's not happy about it.


Ray Sawhill said...

Thanks for the link. Not that it matters, but the blogger who calls himself "Blowhard Esq." isn't the former "Michael Blowhard." I'm the former Michael Blowhard, and I blog at Uncouth Reflections as "Paleo Retiree." Sorry to be so confusing.

LemmusLemmus said...

Dammit; corrected; thanks.