The Monotonic Decline of The Strokes (Edited)

I've listened to the new Strokes album, Comedown Machine, and it ain't much. That shouldn't surprise anyone, really, as, ever since Is This It?, each Strokes album was poorer than the previous one, a trend which is only continuing. Don't take my word for it. Instead, trust the users of rateyourmusic.com (average ratings out of 5, as of noon today):

I guess there reasons for Comedown Machine are inflated due to a recency/fan effect: The biggest fans will check something out first, and give higher ratings than the general population. So I would expect the last datapoint to sink down a little in the months to come.

Another thing this graph demonstrates is that my Excel skills are also in decline.

(Edited so the graph reflects the fact that the lowest possible rating is 1, not 0. Also, I should mention that the songs "One Way Trigger" and "Happy Ending" are really good.)

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