50 Great Songs from the 50s (Part 1: Ranks 50-26)

Happy new year, everybody (again)! I hope some regular readers are already missing the "Best Blog Posts of 2013" list. Fret not! I was on holiday and am still reading through the backlog of posts that has accumulated in my reader. I guess the list will be coming some time next week.

In the meantime, here's a the first part of my favourite 50 tracks from the 1950s. While such lists are always limited by the compiler's lack of knowledge of the subject - nobody can know everything, or nearly everything - my knowledge of 50s music is so limited that in this case I've refrained from calling it "the greatest songs of . . ." or some such thing.

Next and last installment in a week's time. If the playlist below does not work, try this link. Enjoy.

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