Seth Roberts Is Dead

Today, from his siter Amy, via his blog, came the message that Seth Roberts has passed away. My condolences to his family and friends.

I never met him, only had a few exchanges with him on this and his blog. Generally, I felt he went to far in his criticism of standard approaches, and put too much weight on low-quality evidence. But, as long as I knew of his work - and I certainly include his blogging here - I valued him as an original, unusual, and stimulating thinker. I believe that once the great weight gain in affluent countries ca. 1970-present is better understood, his learning theory of the set point will be a large part of the explanation.

Here are posts in which I discuss Seths work (some of them quite critical):
Two of his posts made it onto my year-end "Best Blogposts of..." lists:
Here are quotes of his that I found worth keeping. Here is his paper on self-experimentation in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Here is his paper "What Makes Food Fattening?" Blowhard, Esq. remembers. Ben Casnocha remembers. Andrew Gelman remembers.

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