11th of May Is Mothers' Day

My mother never liked Mothers' Day; she said we should be nice to her all year round. Fair enough.

Even so, I thought I should give you a little anecdote involving my mother today. We were vacationing in Greece when I was four or five years old. My mother and I went to climb some hill. (My father and sister did something else.) We did it and walked around a bit and then looked down to see which path we had to take to get back to where we had come from. But whichever direction you turned, it all looked absolutely the same, so we didn't have the slightest clue. Obvious solution: Ask the locals. (She knew what the place we had come from was called.) She approached the first person and asked him - in English, as she doesn't speak Greek. But he didn't speak English. Second person: same thing. Third person: ditto. And so on and so forth. When the tenth or so person indicated he didn't understand, she decided to give it another shot and ask him in... Latin! That he had no problem understanding and we got home safe.

So, a happy day to all of the mothers out there. Except for the bad ones, of course.

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