Sentences I'd Like to Hear From a Politician (But Probably Won't in My Lifetime)

Tell you what. I don't really know whether Way A or Way B is the better method of [delivering health care; preventing drug abuse; whatever]. Here's what I propose: We assign states randomly to one of the two conditions. After five years we evaluate which method worked better, and that one's then going to be used everywhere.
That person would certainly get my vote. But saying, "I don't know" may not be a winning strategy.

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Troy Camplin said...

In theory that's how the U.S. state system was supposed to work. 50 laboratories to test things. Of course, the point may not be to find out what really works, which is why politicians try to federalize everything in this country rather than try out things in the different states. I suspect they know what will and will not work to some degree, and don't want their power grab to be proven to do the opposite of what they claim it will do.