Get up, Stand up

Contains details about bodily functions

John Althouse Cohen wrote an interesting post about the disadvantages of being a man (and here's a follow-up), which was linked to at Ann Althouse's blog. There, commenter Dust Bunny Queen brought up an interesting point:

You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Open the door for a woman and you are diminishing her, you chauvinistic pig. Don't open the door and you are a classless boor. Cry while watching Old Yeller, you weenie wimp. Don't cry, heartless bastard.
Yes, I can think of bigger problems in the world, too, but I think she's spot-on.

Just in case you always wanted to know, I always sit down on the loo when I pee. (If you're male and you pee standing up, I challenge you to do it with bare legs. Enjoy.)

For some reason or other, this topic came up in a conversation with a female friend once, and I told her about my, um, policy.

"How unmanly!", she exclaimed.

She was serious, too.


Troy Camplin said...

There's an article in the most recent Science about how the differences in math scores goes away in countries with more liberal attitudes toward women. I wonder, though, if that is not because the schools have turned less boy-friendly, and the boy's scores have simply gone down. At the very least, this should be looked into, especially since they showed that girls' reading scores went up considerably as well. If boy s are doing worse in school, one could get the same trendline showing girl "Improvement."

Anonymous said...

I am male and I pee standing up.

So you get some splashed on your pants?

Do you eat off your pants? Does your girlfriend put your pants in her mouth?

Think about this: where do the splashes go when you sit down?

Now re-tool and re-answer the last question.