For Linguists

I was recently listening to a show on the local far-left radio station. It was a discussion two people congratulating each other for being right. The topic was climate change. Their main complaint seemed to be - it wasn't quite clear - that the question of climate change was being decoupled from the question of capitalism itself. I turned off after I had waited for an argument for about twenty minutes - although I must say that the flow of jargon had a somewhat hypnotizing effect; if I had kept on listening, I would probably have had an out-of-body experience.

Anyway, I recently complained that the handy terms first, second and third world are not used anymore and criicized the term "developing countries". I then came across the incredibly stupid phrase "the Global South". It may interest you to learn that its translation has now made it into the German language: "der globale Süden". Also on offer: the complement "der globale Norden".

Bonus: It is not correct to speak of "biofuels", presumably because they hurt the Global South. The correct term - I'm not making this up, people - the correct term is "aggrofuels". Google suggests this hasn't really caught on (1720 hits), but I was listening to the avant-garde, of course. Expect "aggrofuels" to come to a discourse near you anytime soon.


arne b said...

When I first read "aggrofuels" I wondered whether it was an intended pun involving the infamous Berlin-based record label. googlefight "agrofuels" vs. "aggrofuels" ends 53600--221 when I try it.

btw: which radio station? Probably every open channel and most public-funded local stations have a broadcast like this from time to time, I remember a similar feature on the near end of "global turbocapitalism" on "Lohro" not long ago.

LemmusLemmus said...

'googlefight "agrofuels" vs. "aggrofuels" ends 53600--221 when I try it.'

That's weird. I get 1720 for "aggrofuels" again (apparently that includes hits for "aggro-fuels") and 91200 for "agrofuels". I doubt it's a pun on that Berlin label I had never heard of because the first 20 hits are in English.

The radio station is FSK (Freies Sender Kombinat) from Hamburg. They might have some online streams; in particular, Sunday Service is recommended if you're into not-so-commercial music (mainly indie rock, but also electronic stuff). Even better: Club Shampoo. The Sunday Service has its own website (and Club Shampoo might well), but if interested, you'll have to do your own googling.