I've recently added two blogs to the roll: 1. 2Blowhards, a blog mainly about the arts in its various forms and shapes with a sideline in politics - both topics are treated with a conservative slant. 2. Bad Science, which is about what it says on the label. Others had to go.

I have also switched from the blogroll being a simple linklist to the official Blogger blogroll template with the most recently updated blogs on top. I am considering switching back, though. It seems that blogger links back to my posts from posts at other Blogger sites on my roll which were the most recent ones when my post was published. Er? O.k., example: Your blog is on my roll. You publish a post called "Stuff about my mother", which appears on my blogroll. Now I publish a post called "Common problems with structural equation modeling". A link to this post will appear in the "links to this post" section under your post. So you and your readers click on the link, naturally expecting something about your mother and getting my reflections on imputation strategies in LISREL instead. Very annoying. I am genuinely sorry for people who came here expecting commentary on the Birmingham massacre or whatever. Oh wait! I've just checked and the problem appears to be gone. Let's wait and see, though. I'm still reserving the right to change it back, you corporate Google types! (Update, 19:17: Here we go again... Update 22:40: Meanwhile, if I actually link to a post, it won't show up. Oh, well.)

New as well: A link to my Last.fm profile. If a mixture of chanson, punk, bossa, alternative and assorted stuff seems like your thing, give it a try. Be just like me! Enticing, eh?

If you want to take that to extremes, you can follow another new feature, my Currently Reading list, which is otherwise completely pointless.

Und wo wir gerade davon reden, was ich lese: Ein neues Blog besucht die Welt! Auf Biblejahr schreiben meine Schwester und ich darĂ¼ber, wie wir innerhalb eines Jahres die Bibel lesen. Am 20. Mai gibt's unsere Besprechungen zum 1. Buch Mose. Ich sage: Sehen wir mal, ob es gut wird.

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