Cognitive Psychology in Socio-technological Context. Oooo!

This has often happened during the last two years or so: I think of something, forget about it or don't, and a few days later it pops up in a blogpost. I didn't have similar experiences nearly as often when my information diet was still blog-free. This isn't too surprising: Blogs make the diet diverse for two reasons: There are many small morsels instead of big chunks, which means that (a) more topics will be covered for simple statistical reasons and (b) I find the time to read about stuff I don't consider a core interest of mine. An interesting little effect.

(This is not accompanied by an inability to focus on long stuff: The Murakami novel I'm currently reading has 767 pages. I'm about a third through and have no problem whatsoever sticking with it. Best of both worlds, baby!)

Case in point: A few days ago I remembered the trailer shows a local cinema sometimes did. They'd show you nothing but ninety minutes of trailers in a row. Incredible: Cuts piled on cuts piled on cuts and a completely new "film" every three minutes or so. If things went really well you'd have an out-of-body experience.

I miss those.

Then Jason Kottke links to a list of the 50 greatest trailers of all time.

It's not the same as the trailer shows, though. You have to click on a title and click again to start the trailer and so there's much too much activity and too many interruptions and no out-of-body experience is forthcoming. If you know of a good DVD with only trailers on it played one after the other, let me know. (A trip to amazon.de yielded nothing of interest.)

As for the list, I have yet to see most of them, but I'll complain anyway: No. 2 is extremely boring and no. 10 should probably be no. 1 and... Anyway, here's no. 7, which I really like:

P.S.: If you like trailers, you might also like Trailers from Hell.

P.P.S.: An earlier post featuring the real and a fake trailer for The Shining.

P.P.P.S.: The short album Trailer by the band Ash is very good.

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