Ten Great Songs from 1994

1. The Cranberries: No Need to Argue What's great about this song's our-love-is-over lyrics is their mediocrity: "And I remember all the things we once shared." What might that be? "Watching TV movies on the living room armchair." Brilliant! Hundreds of thousands of people could have come up with that exact same thought. At the same time it highlights the fact that pretty much everything is fun if you're doing it with someone you're madly in love with. Am I making myself clear? I think not.

2. Lard: Forkboy

3. Nine Inch Nails: Burn The ideal song to get yourself fired up by before taking a gun and judging everybody in your school. The Church of Rationality, obviously, does not condone that kind of behaviour. Still a great song, though.

4. Die Sterne: Nüchtern

5. Bob Dylan: You Belong to Me According to Wikipedia, this version of the song, which was originally recorded by one Sue Thompson in 1952, "was recorded by Bob Dylan for the 1992 album Good as I Been to You but was eventually left off as an outtake, the recording only surfacing two years later in the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers" (hence the voiceovers by Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson towards the end). This was an outtake? How good will the album be? Well, I've listened to the first two tracks and I'm less than impressed. We'll see about the rest.

6. Die Regierung: Natalie sagt From the tracklist of the Unten album: "5. Natalie sagt 6. Charlotte 7. Corinna 8. Nicole." Well, I guess singer Tilman Rossmy's womanizer image has got to come from somewhere. (Warning: There's also another band called Die Regierung, and they're crap.)

7. The Cardigans: Sick & Tired An underused trick in pop music: Set really bitter lyrics to really happy-go-lucky music.

8. Ash: Petrol A trick not underused in rock music: Silent-loud. Used to great effect here.

9. Weezer: Only in Dreams Ash play (or used to play) this song live. I've heard a few recordings. Someone should tell them getting the notes right isn't enough.

10. Oasis: Live Forever

As usual, you can use the player below, but some songs are going to be faded out after half a minute. Alternatively, go here and click on the "play" icon next to the first song.

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