Around the Blogs, Vol. 23: In Which I Finally Manage to Empty out My "Around the Blogs" Folder

1. The case against antitrust laws: Monopoly as an innovation driver.

2. Andrew Gelman's directory for, to or of posts about "methods and concepts related to statistics that are not as well known as they should be". If you're into methods & statistics (i.e., pretty much all of you), this will be a valuable place to go. Contains "The Secret Weapon" and "The Taxonomy of Confusion".

3.-4. Two blogs for the low-brow procrastinator: Awful Library Books (pointer), Awkward Family Photos.

5. And one that's a little more high-brow: "The right shoulder tattoo [...] is a 3D perspective abstract view of a gaussian photon, a 'particle of light,' the red vertical undulations represent the electric field, the black horizontal undulations the magnetic field." The blog of science tatoos.

6. At what point in their lives do people become more concerned about their future?

7. Good post title. I wonder whether he's seen all those, though. Not that that's the point.

8. Darwin's views on evolution summarized and assessed: One, two (the latter of which I haven't read yet, but I bet it's interesting).

9. "The two most overused chord progressions in pop music today". Contains fun video as proof.

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