Pebbles, Vol. 18

1. Data sharing again: Only one of ten data sets for studies published in PLoS journals received upon request. Related posts here, here and here.

2. For those who have the time: Milton Friedman's complete Free to Choose TV series as streaming video. Based on the first half hour or so, this moves at a glacial pace, so it may be a more efficient choice to read one or two of Friedman's books.

3. Cool optical illusions. Lots of them. (Page may take a while to load.)

4. Libertarian disagreement about the bailout: "The only plausible argument for bailing out banks crumbles on close examination," says Jeffrey Miron. Tyler Cowen asks, "is not our current course more favorable for liberty than would have been a repeat of 1929-1931?" And says yes.

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