Operation Blank Slate

In my bookmarks, there is a folder called "to blog", and in there is a subfolder called "Kommentar" (comment) and you can find links in there that are very old. So,very much in the spirit of my recent post "Assorted Abstracts", I'll give you the links to stuff from around the web that at one point in the past I thought I had something interesting to say about, in the order in which I bookmarked them:

1. Washington Post: "In Baltimore, No One Left to Press the Police"

2. Mint.com: "Unemployment Rate: A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis"

3. Andy McKenzie: "Why IMDb matters -- Our Time Is Scarce"

4. Spiegel Online: "'Men Live Better When Women Are in Charge'"

5. Does That Make Any Sense? "Ayn Rand Doesn't Understand Economics"

6. Does That Make Any Sense? "Beware Selection Bias"

7. David Foster Wallace: "Plain Old Untrendy Troubles and Emotions"

8. Offsetting Behaviour: "IQ and Health"

9. The Atlantic: "Guilty of Saving Lives"

10. Ezra Klein: "The Coincidences of Inequality"

11. Will Wilkinson: "Ezra Klein on Consumption, Debt, and Inequality"

12. Megan Mc Ardle: "On Income and Consumption Inequality"

13. Science Blogs/Gene Expression: "Heritability of Height vs. Weight"

14. Megan McArdle: "Thining Thin"

15. Stephen O'Rahilly and I. Sadaf Farooqi: "Human Obesity: A Heritable Neurobehavioral Disorder That Is Highly Sensitive to Environmental Conditions"

16. Comment Is Free: "Pointless Studies Are the Key to Evolution"

17. Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland: "Geburten und Kinderlosigkeit in Deutschland"

18. The Nation: "What Whoopi Goldberg ('Not a Rape-Rape'), Harvey Weinstein ('So-Called Crime') et al. Are Saying in Their Outrage Over the Arrest of Roman Polanski"

19. SmartMoney.com: "Buying Green Makes You Do Bad Things"

Fun exercise for regular readers: Guess what I would have said! I'll guess along. And should you party tonight, remember: (a) These days, most people have digital cameras on them (usually integrated in their mobile phones) and (b) there is this thing they don't call the World Wide Web for no reason. I may have said the same thing before, but never mind.

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