The Ten Best Blogposts of 2009

Now, finally a "best of 2009" list about a universe that's so small the critic can confidently declare that we're not talking about "the best of the sample that I know", but the best, period!

Not qualified: Posts the strength of which is largely based on other people's work (sorry, BPS Research Digest; #s 7 and 2 are borderline cases) and work written for publication elsewhere (sorry, Bad Science; # 1 was close, but some discussion in New Zealand does not count as "publication").

Added: For your convenience, brackets behind each link indicate that the post is Long, Medium lenght or Short and High-Brow, Mid-Brow or Low Brow - low-brow meaning in this context that it's easily digested, not that it's somehow lowly.


10. Jaltcoh: "The 2 Most Overused Chord Progressions in Pop Music Today", by John Althouse Cohen (L, MB)

9. Musselsoppans Vänner: "Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style", by P - E Fronning (L, LB)

8. Scatterplot: "Great Moments in Student Course Evaluations", by Jeremy Freese (S, LB)

7. Political Scientist: "Viral Marketing", by Political Scientist (S, LB)

6. Scatterplot: "Maybe If I Added an Emoticon?", by Drek (S, MB)

5. Seth's Blog: "Will Like vs. Might Like vs. Might Hate", by Seth Roberts (M, MB)

4. Fly Bottle: "Big-Government Libertarianism vs. Limited-Government Liberalism", by Will Wilkinson (L, HB)

3. Bits & Pieces: "Random Thoughts", by Manish (L, LB)

2. Marginal Revolution: "The Inheritance of Education", by Alex Tabarrok (L, HB)

1. Offsetting Behaviour: "Sweatshops", by Eric Crampton (L, MB)

Thanks to Marginal Revolution and The Fourth Checkraise for pointers.

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