A Country Called Europe: The Sequel

A while ago I wrote up a satirical little linkpiece called "A Country Called Europe". Now, via German Joys, an article/slideshow by Peter Baldwin which has a different focus but makes my point quite nicely (my emphasis):
Of some 500 data points, only half a dozen, at most, present a contrast between the United States and Europe that is as clear as night and day. In every other respect, conditions in the United States fall somewhere between those in the surprisingly wide span of Western Europe's nations. Click through this slideshow to get a look at some of these striking figures.
Yes, do click through the slideshow.

I shouldn't end this article, though, without noting that, in my experience, a lot of Germans won't believe you when you tell them that some US states have the death penalty while some don't. In the USA they have the death penalty, that's general knowledge!

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