The Best Blog Posts of 2011

Eagerly awaited by all of the world wide web, here is the list of the best blog posts of 2011. For your convenience, brackets are appended to each link to indicate that the post is Long, Medium lenght or Short; High-Brow, Mid-Brow or Low Brow and Funny or Not.

If I counted correctly, economists take only four spots in the list below, which is much of an improvement over last time. This includes the two authors we met on last year's list. Which is still available, as is the 2009 edition. Without further ado -

15. Orgtheory: "Your ASA Vegas Bingo Card", by Kieran Healy (S; MB; F)

14. Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine: "Advertisement", by H. Albertus Boli (S; LB; F)

13. Dalrock: "Should I Divorce Him?", by Dalrock (L; LB; F)

12. Eli Dourado: "Peace through Political Assassination?", by Eli Dourado (M; MB; N)

11. Decision Science News: "Five Books That Changed a Statistician", by Dan Goldstein (M; MB; F)

10. Core Economics: "English Language Requirements for Immigration", by Joshua Gans (L; LB; F)

9. kenodoxia: "What Ancient Greek Philosophy Was Not Like . . .", by James Warren (S; HB; F)

8. EconLog: "The Overlords of Immigration", by Bryan Caplan (M; HB; N)

7. PJ Media:"The Myth of the ‘Ethical Vegan’", by Ward Clark (L; MB; N)

6. Overcoming Bias: "Why Men Are Bad at 'Feelings'", by Robin Hanson (M; HB; N)

5. Forbes: "The Moral Default Setting: Liberal or Conservative?", by Will Wilkinson (L; HB; N)

4. Less Wrong: "Working Hurts Less Than Procrastinating, We Fear the Twinge of Starting", by Elizer Yudkowsky (L; MB; N)

3. Armed and Dangerous: "What 'Privilege' Means to Me", by Eric S. Raymond (M; HB; N)

2. [Companion Pieces:] Pileus: "Cheap Sex as Collective Action Failure", by Sven Wilson and Armed and Dangerous: "Reconsidering Sexual Repression", by Eric S. Raymond (M; MB; N)

1. iSteve: "Racehorse Haynes", by Steve Sailer (L; LB; F)

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